HPV Vaccination

Thank goodness school's over for the weeked! I don't think I can take anymore of the silent mocking me behind my back. Honestly, all I did was panic a little when I had to get an injection. Okay, I paniced a LOT but I still went through with it. Ivy didn't. She simply refused; telling everyone that she wouldn't follow anyone else and that she wanted to be different.
   Sorry, I'm not explaining myself very well. I got my HPV Vaccination today and I was quite scared. This is due to things which have happened in the past that I would rather not mention, so please don't ask. I did get my injection but, like I said, Ivy refused to. She was scared. I could see that but she just insisted that she was being different.
   I've decided that it wouldn't be safe for me to leave home until after Christmas because this is the time of year my parents have to work a lot late at night because the company gets lots of orders this time of year. You know, people wanting to have a laugh at a Christmas party. Anyway, I wouldn't be able to sneak out of the house during the night if they are not here because they will want to "see" me as soon as they come in to make me sorry for everything I've ever done wrong.
   I've sort-of started wondering if going back into care would be such a bad thing. Even if I was seriously considering it, I don't know how I would go about it. You have to remember that the authorities have me down as a lier, a runaway and a troublemaker. They consider my parents to be loving and caring people who obviously think the world of me. I can't compete with that.
   I'm open to suggestions so please get in touch. I'm desperate. Thank you soo much!!!

God Bless Your Lives

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