Dad's in Hospital

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday but I was too sore. When I got back from school, my dad was already back and had me running around everywhere. When my mum got home, she wanted me to do different things and I didn't have time to do what my mum wanted and what my dad wanted so I did what my dad wanted because he asked first. My mum went nuts and started yelling at me and hitting me. My dad came running in and started shouting about how I should always obey my mother and started hitting me too.
   Never mind all that though. I'll tell you about what happened this morning. My dad fell down the stairs. I know I shouldn't be happy about that but he's broken his leg and he's out cold in hopspital. He has to stay there for a few weeks and my mum won't leave his side until she absolutely has to. That means they're hardly ever home so I might manage to start gathering my things for running without them getting suspicious!
   Other than that, today wasn't very entertaining. I'm in the library just now and thought I may as well post this now in case I don't get a chance tonight.

God Bless

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