Runaway List

I've got a list of things I'll need for running away and I'm trying to collect them. It's quite surprising how little the amount of things I have from that list is, considering they're supposed to be everyday essentials. So far, I have:-

- Binbags (for raincoats etc...)
- Lots of Clothes
- Water
- Money (I'm still saving every penny)
- Scissors
- Facecloth and Soap
- Trainers
- "Weapon"
- Hairbrush
- Elastics
- Anti-perspirant
- Bandages and Plasters
- Toothbrush and Toothpaste
- Needle and Thread
- Torch
- Pens/Pencils
- Jewellery (to sell)

That's pretty much it. I don't even have a decent back pack to put them all in. I've got plenty of money so I'll try to go out tomorrow and get a good quality backpack to hold it all. I don't think th UK has any "camping laws" so this should be resonably safe. This might sound daft but I'm going to take my Jessie doll with me too. She's the perfect companion perfect because she'll keep me company and I'll still only have one mouth to feed.
   Thank goodness we have a long weekend and I don't have to go back to school until Tuesday! And, my parents are still at the hospital, so my house isn't dangerous any more. I've decided to stop calling this place home because it should make it easier to leave it behind and start calling the streets "home". Isn't there a saying street people have:-

"I have a home; I just don't have a house."

God Bless


  1. have you tried to get help? i mean anything at all? SHAVZ(S)*

  2. i love anal...

  3. yo lil kim folk you have some probs^


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