New Friend

My maths teacher asked this question today...

"At exactly 12 hours, 34 minutes and 56 seconds on the 8th of September 2010, what is missing?"

It was really cool becauuse it turned out to be the 7! 12:34.56 8/9/10. See, there is no 7 inbetween the 6 and the 8. I spent ages trying to figure this one out. Anyway, I have some great news, well it's great news for me. I have a friend!
   Her name is Melissa. She's the quietest girl ever, you wouldn't even know she was in the classroom if the teacher didn't point at her to answer a question. No-one sits beside her but my English teacher moved her to sit beside me. She didn't ignore me when I spoke to her, in fact, she was perfectly friendly. After class, we started hanging around together and I'm going over to her house just now. She says she is going to teach me how to skateboard! I'm so excited!
   Right now, I'm looking for any excuse to be out of the house anyway. My dad refused to stay in hospital and he came home on Sunday. All he can do is lie on the couch with my mum waiting on his every need. That is why I haven't been posting for a few days, I can't get near the computer at all. I tried going to the library but Ivy has started hanging around outside it because she knows I go there a lot. Right now, my dad's asleep and my mum is in the kitchen, making them dinner. She isn't making anything for me so nothing has changed.
   I have to go. Melissa's just phoned and she's told me to go over to her house now.

God Bless x

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