I'm Leaving Tonight

Stuff waiting until after Christmas! I'm getting out of here tonight. I've got everything I need and I am ready to leave as soon as everyone falls asleep tonight. I at least had the decency to write them a note explaining everything but I had a hard time writing it. I know exactly what to say on here but when I started writing that letter, my mind went blank. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say. In the end, I wrote about how what they had done to me was wrong and that I felt really bad about it. It ended up baing much shorter than I intended but I think I got my point across.
   I can't wait for tonight. I've planned sooo carefully this time; I don't want anything to go wrong. I'd be gutted if I was found the next morning. I know the odds are a million-to-one but I live in hope of finally escaping. There are lots of backstreets around where I live and I've explored them lots of times so I should be able to make my way along those and stop for a sleep in this old warehouse that's falling to bits. It's about 23 miles away but I've walked further than that before. Besides, the further away I get tonight, the better chance I have of staying away for longer.
   I plan to sleep for most of the morning there and move on again at around lunchtime. My parents won't notice I'm gone until around teatime so that should give me the chance to get a good few miles away. I've got plenty of food and water because I know I'll be travelling across countryside from time to time. But, I have tried very hard not to bring anything but the everyday essentials (The Bare Necessities!) and I think I've done quite well.
   Anyway, I'm going to leave you now and try to get some sleep now so that I'm ready and alert for later. I've set my alarm for midnight but even though my parents won't go to bed until about two. This should give me enough time to put on lots of clothes and make sure I have everything ready. I'm sorry about this but you might not hear from me for a while for obvious reasons because it would be too risky to show my face in very public places until I've gotten quite far away and the whole "missing person" thing has died down a little.

Wish me luck!

May God Bless You Always And Forever

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