They Found Me

Damn it!!!
   I'm back again. The police picked me up a couple of hundred miles away yesterday afternoon. Honestly, I'm so gutted. I've still got my backpack and everything in it so I'll try again as soon as they aren't really alert and aren't expecting me to run away. I'll wait until after Hallowe'en and then make a break for it.
   I've also got a problem. I accidentally let slip to Melissa about the abuse. I didn't mean it, she sort of manipulated me. She started asking all these questions and I said something that made her really suspicious. I honestly didn't mean to tell her but now she wants to know all the details. I don't want to relive it all with her and I need some advice on how to convince her I was lying. She says that if I don't tell her, she's going to tell one of the teachers.
   Also, if I run away again she'll know why. She'll tell someone and if the police pick me up and take me back home, I'll get the living daylights kicked out of me again. I only have tonight to figure out a solution to this withut losing the only friend I have.

God Bless

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