It's been nearly a week...

   Wow! I hadn't realised it'd been that long since I last posted. I have so much to tell you. I've had a party. I didn't particularly want one but somehow word got out that my parents were away and almost everybody in my year came round on wednesday night. They brought loads of food and stuff with them (and alcohol) and stayed until the later hours of the next morning. I didn't stay at the party. I knew what would happen. The police would come round; I wouldn't know what to say to them but they'd keep asking questions anyway. I was worried they might find my mum's drugs and start asking awkward questions I couldn't answer.
   I hoped the police wouldn't blame the party on me if I wasn't actually there. I told Melissa I was going out for a bit so that I would have proof if the police did come knocking that I hadn't actually been there. I wandered the streets with my backpack (I haven't let go of it ever since I got back) for ages and I could hear the music from the party 3 streets away. Then, after quite a few hours, I saw a police car heading down the street towards my house. There were two uniformed police officers in it; a man who was driving and a woman in the passenger seat. I just walked past them as casually as I could, pretending I hadn't seen them but I couldn't help staring after them to see if they turned the corner to my street (which they did).
   I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go back but I didn't really have anywhere else to go. I started running then, I wanted to be as far away from my house as possible. I ended up in the town centre, looking in all the closed shop windows. I almost ran past the police station but managed to stop myself. I knew how suspicious that would look. So, I started to wander back to my house to find out if the party had stopped because the police had been and I passed the police car again on the way there. This time, it drew up beside me and the police woman rolled down her window.
   She asked me what I was doing out at this time of night on my own. And the policeman, thinking he was absolutely hilarious piped up "Not running away again I hope. After what happened thast time!" And then he started laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world. I told them I'd felt sick and needed to get some fresh air to clear my head. Thankfully, they accepted that as my excuse as, after telling me to be careful, went on their way. I didn't go back to my house just in case. I went to the park instead and lay down on a bench. I looked up at the stars for a bit and made a wish on the North Star. I always follow the North Star when I'm running away so it seems lucky to make wishes on it.
   Anyway, before I knew it, I'd fallen asleep and the next thing I knew it was morning. I didn't really want to go back but I had to make sure they hadn't done anything stupid, like take my mum's drungs. If they did that and one of them ended up in hospital (or worse) I knew I'd be in so much trouble. The police already thought I was a bad child and a troublemaker so there was no way they'd believe I wasn't actually there. My only hope was the policeman and policewoman from the car and Melissa. But I still didn't know her all that well so I didn't know if she'd stick up for me in a police matter.
   It turned out that it didn't matter. The drugs were still safe and the alcohol my dad stashes under the loose floorboard are all safe. I got back and the party was just coming to an end. It was almost 9am! Everyone started to leave. They didn't stick around, thank me or even say goodbye. I'm still no higher up on the popularity scale but that doesn't really bother me. Melissa was the only one to stay behind and help me clear up. We had some breakfast and tidied up until 1pm. I was almost glad that Melissa hadn't been drinking because I didn't want her to turn out like my dad and get aggressive. Then, Melissa helped me make lunch. After that, we got bored of tidying and watched some TV instead. Melissa satyed with me for most of the day and left about 7:30pm. She told me her mum wasn't the sort to worry too much. She knew that Melissa had been at a party and had probably assumed she had fallen asleep on the couch or something.
   I've been tidying up almost obsessively for most of yeaterday and today. I'm starting to worry that I might have missed something. If my parents notice that anything is out of place, I'm a dead kid!

God Bless

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