Foster Care

I remember going into Foster Care once. That was when we lived in the South of England. My parents were proven to be abusive and I was taken away by Social Services. It was really scary at first, I don't want to write about what it was like when I was just waiting, stuck in the middle. They quickly found me a Foster Family who weren't much better than my real parents. Thay didn't beat me but they treated me like I was something the cat had dragged in. Even the cat hated me!
   I ran away from Foster Care once and Social Services decided it was safe for me to return home and I was clearly not liking Foster Care. I thought this was pretty obvious but they thought I had been trying to return home when I ran away so they took me back home with promises to "moniter the situation" and never did. So, instead of being far away and getting further by the minute, I was shoved right back home, exactly where I didn't want to be.
   My parents then decided to move back to Scotland (where we were originally from) and settled there with a clean record with Social. It was then I started running away without success. Everyone started calling me a bad child for making my parents so worried and thought it was all my fault. This made it much harder to get people to believe me when I tried to get help so I started planning my escape more carefully.
   Now, I have decided to run away to a better place. I've been scouring websites for anything that might help me and have found lots of useful information. If you have anything that might help, please leave me a comment or send me an email. Preferrably email because it is more private and no-one will be able to trace me using this blog. Thank you for understanding. My email address should be displayed somewhere so get in touch.

God Bless

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