I've done it!

   I can't believe it! I've actually done it. I haven't been caught yet. I doubt I've even been reported missing; they don't care enough about me. I'm sitting in some library in London and I feel so free. My bruises have gone. I'd almost forgotten what skin should look like normally. It feels great. I don't go by my real name anymore, just in case anybody turns me in. I don't know why they would but it never hurts to be too careful. So much has happened and I have to apologise for not posting anything for so long. I've been too scared to go out in public much and I've spent as much of my time as possible sitting in backstreets and sleeping in the parks.
   There hasn't really been an awful lot of snow but I've heard people saying that the snow is really deep back up North, especially in Glasgow. It's still absolutely freezing but I don't mind too much. I know that it's nearly Christmas and you should see how busy all the shops are down here. Everybody needs something and they don't care how many people they have to shove out the way to get there. I'm trying my best to blend in. I've also discovered that I'm not all that bad at doing an English accent.
   There are lots of gangs around here and everything has to be done with caution. If I get chased by a gang, no doubt the police will want to talk to me abiout it. If I get into a fight with a gang, I'm in big trouble. I haven't been trying to make many friends; I'm too nervous to trust anyone. Honestly, that's so pathetic. I've been away for months now and I can't work up the courage to trust anybody. I really annoy myself sometimes.
   I'm really sorry about the long wait but, like I said, I've been trying to blend into the shadows.

God Bless

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