Rope Burns

Sorry guys. It's been a while but I've had a lot to deal with. The police on my doorstep, social workers left, right and centre. They've gone now though and I have told enough lies to last me a lietime. Anyway, I've got some burns on my wrists and I was wondering in you could tell me what degree of burn they are and if I need to get them checked out or not. Thanx.

God Bless x


  1. I'd say they're second degree, but they look like they'll pass, don't worry about them.
    In all sincerity though, for all you're going through, God bless you.

  2. Those burns and bruises will heal but the heart doesn't mend as easily.
    Stay strong deary, don't ever give up hope. One day you'll have the greatest story to tell.

    -From someone who's been there too.

  3. Omg My heart is compleitly going out to you I know the feelings locked in the box of your hart. i call that box pandoras box. the burns will do fine just keep them clean ok. i have more advise i hope you at least think about I have exsperianced all forms of abouse from psycolocical to sexual, from phisical to emotion all befor i was 18 years old. I have done all the main things protecteting the familly numbing my self with drrugs and in pure desperation i attempted suiced not one but three times i want to tell you, You can survive your not alone but i have only found one way to do it and that is with jesus christ our lord and savoir


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